Dressed for the Grammy’s

I’ll be honest – the only reason I watch the Grammy’s is for the fashion. I don’t envy the spotlight, but I wouldn’t mind the opportunity to wear an amazingly beautiful designer dress. Since my chances of going to such an event are slim to none (and slim left town), I’ll just daydream and have […]

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How to Hygge

Call me crazy, but winter is one of my favorite seasons. It’s a perfect opportunity to cozy up and embrace hygge. I’ve always had a fascination with Nordic life and style – the interiors that are all crisply white, the beautiful snowflake-like patterns, the monochrome grey outfits, the obsession with coffee, the beautiful blonde people […]

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What I Bought in 2016 and Why

My goal in 2016 was to buy only 12 new clothing items, one for each month. I failed. I set this goal for three reasons: 1) to be more choiceful, 2) to minimize my closet, 3) to save money. I’m still reflecting on decisions made over the past year – including my wardrobe and items […]

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