My ideal Sunday consists of a little bit of everything – fun, relaxation, and getting stuff done to get ready for the week. I like to wake up when I wake up (no alarm!) and forget about the concept of time. Do things at my own speed, in my own time.

It’s a reset button.

I’m sharing my Sunday checklist. It’s a helpful guide for me to recall “all the things”.

Cleaning Supplies:

I’m a big fan of all natural and better-for-you cleaning supplies.

Stock up on my favorites!


Room-by-Room Checklist: 

Walk Around

  • Put stuff away/ in it’s place
    • Step 1: Walk around the house, room to room, looking for items not in their place
    • Step 2: Put them in their place
    • Step 3: If they don’t have a “home”, an assigned or designated place, create one or get rid of it
  • Collect trash from every room, to take out to trash and recycling bins

Living Room/ Dining Room

  • Dust and wipe down all surfaces
  • Polish any wood surfaces
  • Vacuum floors and furniture


  • Clear off and wipe down surfaces: kitchen counters


  • Laundry (includes bed sheets and towels)
    • Fresh sheets on bed, fresh towels in bath
    • Fold and put away clothes
    • Empty laundry basket to start the week


  • Clear off desk/ organize papers


  • Wipe down sink counters
  • Clean toilets and bath tub


  • Mow the lawn and other outdoor maintenance
    • Paul mows front, I mow backyard (or one of us does the entire yard)
 Take a break, relax, and enjoy your clean house! 
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