1. Clarisonic cleanser brush

There’s a lot of hype, but trust me. I purchased one of the first ones almost 5 years ago and never looked back. I keep mine in the shower to give my face a refreshing massage every morning. My skin has cleared up and my pores are happily clear of dirt, oil, and whatever grossness gets caught in there.

2. vibrating Toothbrush

If you don’t consider a toothbrush to be a beauty tool, then you haven’t met my friend, the Violife Slim Sonic Toothbrush. It has powerful battery-operated bristles that vibrate to remove plaque and stains from your teeth, while also giving that squeaky clean feel and a bright white smile. Beauty is in the smile of the beholder.

3. Tweezerman slant tweezer

Miracle worker. Precise and painless, eyebrows never knew what was coming.

4. Tweezerman skin care tool

A lot of love for the Tweezerman family. This was a more recent purchase, and slightly addictive. Have you ever wondered how facialists remove blackheads quickly and without the use of their fingernails (which can make things worse and contribute to more bacteria)? This is it. Limit yourself to 10 minutes the first day. Trust me.

5. Antonym brush set

Before this brush set, I owned cheap drugstore brushes that shed and left hairs on my face (not attractive). I finally decided to invest in better quality brushes and purchased this set that came highly rated on Birchbox. I’ll never go back. This set is eco-friendly and created by French-born makeup artist Valerie Giraud. It contains all of the brushes that you need and nothing extraneous. Remember to clean your brushes at least once a month (every two weeks is ideal).

Note: These tools have been personally tested and approved by Kristin Dehmer. All opinions and recommendations are my own.

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