There is always something about the new year that makes me want to start fresh and become more organized than Martha Stewart. The perfectionist in me is giddy with excitement. I leap into action to re-evaluate the untidy parts of my life and to find the right items to create a sympathy of order.

I am currently obsessing about the following items.

  1. Nate Berkus File Folders, where I plan to file away papers and use my label maker within an inch of its life.
  2. Umbra Lettro Organizer is both decorative and extremely functional. Placed in the kitchen or foyer, it immediately becomes the dumping ground (I mean organizer) for mail and a place to keep your keys away from the bottom of your bag.
  3. Dagne Dover Tote is on my list as a luxury, wishlist item. This tote does it all: carries your coffee mug, organizes your lipgloss, keeps your keys, phone and wallet handy, drives you home. It’s magical. I’m not sure how busy women of the world have survived before now.
  4. Saturday Zip-Top Cosmetic Pouch in Jazzy Gems is exactly what the names suggests – it’s jazzy and holds all of your cosmetics in a zip-top case. Brilliant and so colorful. I will never again lose my eyeliner because my cosmetic “bag” snapped instead of zipped. This is not rocket science people, but it’s the little things that simplify life.
  5. Kate Spade Whistle While You Work Tackle Box is filled with colorful and playful desk accessories, such as pencils, binder clips, and push pins. This may not be completely necessary, but it sure makes organizing so much fun. Time to whistle!
  6. Rifle Paper Co. Jardin Weekly Desk Pad functions as both a mouse pad and a weekly planner (2 in 1!).  When I’m working at my desk, whether at home or at the office, I like to have my to-do list in front of me. This pad includes 52 tear-off sheets so that I can plan out my week for the entire year. It’s basically the gift that keeps on giving.
  7. Artifact Uprising Wall Calendar is so simplistic. I plan to hang one in my kitchen so that I can count down the days to organizing for next year’s new year.

Happy organizing!

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