Your Future Looks Bright

Spring is finally in the air. Everyone is starting to show their brighter colors. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect spring tote bag to add a pop of unexpected color to any outfit. Here are the best tote bags that I found, priced from highest to lowest. These tote bags are available in a range of fun, bright colors. I love the versatility and space in large tote bags to carry around all of your necessary belongings. These modern, minimalist, and classic designs will never go out of style and they’re big enough to house those oversized sunglasses and anything that you’d need for an impromptu spring adventure. Have fun! Tote Bags

Featured Tote Bags: 

One: Banana Republic (100% leather)

Two: Urban Outfitters (Soft, vegan leather)

Three: Target (Faux leather and reversible – two colorful bags for the price of one!)

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